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Project Arata
4 min readDec 1, 2021

Blockchain gaming is the underdog that will create an enormous adoption for the blockchain revolution to continue, but much more than that, it will change many lives all around the world.

Knowing that the work we will do will impact many people’s lives positively is the best drive for us to work relentlessly, and look at “work” differently.

Let’s now dive deeper into the goals that we need to achieve in order to create this impact in our focus areas;

  1. Improving our product, user experience, and value propositions consistently to increasing levels. So that we can serve both the community within the blockchain ecosystem, and gamers who have are not experienced with blockchain but looking to buy their first blockchain gaming tokens to derive more benefits from play to earn and watch to earn features.
  2. Grow our community size. Focusing on marketing and awareness efforts with an ever increasing resourcefulness, creativity, and opportunistic mindset.
  3. Providing quality blockchain gaming projects consistently at our Launchpad. So we can always bring new IDO projects to be excited about, unleash more value for our community, and grow exponentially through marketing the success stories & outcomes.
  4. Helping the creation of new epic blockchain gaming projects through our incubator and adding them to our console application.

Arata Revolution v2:

Arata v2 is not just about progress, it’s more about evolution.

We will define the scope of all the main pillars of ARATA so we can really walk you through them and visualize what we have planned on a canvas. Today we will go over them briefly, so you can have more information on what’s coming.

Arata Studios:

As some of you might know, Arata started as an organic community launch project. We launched our IDO with Lightning protocol and sold out 300,000 Tokens in less than 30 seconds. We grew to where we are through resourcefulness, hard work and bold moves.

Arata Studios will be employing more than people with various skillsets at its initial launch; art directors, game designers, character designers, environment designers, FX artists, play-to-earn model designers, animators, illustrators, outsourcing managers, in-game economists, game developers, and such.

What Arata Studios will be doing will be revealed in a further article, in more detail. A little hint we can give is; we are committed to our blockchain game console revolution.

Arata Game & NFT Launchpad:

As you all know, Blockchain Gaming and NFTs are rapidly becoming mainstream. We have thought of some very exciting utilities that can provide real value propositions from the get go; a set that would be connected with the Arata brand, ecosystem, projects, and products.

We want to create something very special here, both design and utility wise, and create it as a gateway for many interesting things to come. The utilities, minting prerequisites, visual style, storyline and rarities/what they will mean will be revealed in the future.

The games we would be hosting at Arata will also include different kinds of NFT sales, in-game items, lands, cards, uniques etc… So an area we need to be proficient at is very clear; producing an excellent use case for in-game NFT assets.

We’ve already started to develop this product with our dev team, and we will give you more details about what to expect from Arata Gaming & NFT Launchpad.

Also we will have community testing periods for usability, UI, and feature related improvements which will be announced once the product is on the staging servers.

This important product will also be creating an additional utility to holding ARATA.

Arata Product Updates:

Arata has been focusing on a couple different products. We would be testing the Streaming Platform after the Contract Migration.

Also, we are working to make the SENSHI Game more user friendly. The entrance fee would be removed and a minimum holding fee would be used for the game access.


Regarding marketing, Arata now has a growing team members in the marketing team with over 10 Key Opinion Influencers.

Also besides these members in our marketing team, we also have some secret additions, which needs to be hidden for now due to the strategies they will implement for Arata growth, and to not give out our competitive edges regarding strategies that need privacy.

We are aiming to have a defined marketing edge that will also come with many new collaboration opportunities with gaming youtubers, twitch streamers and the ability to unleash more creativity through gaming related campaigns.

In conclusion, we are truly excited to showcase a new Arata where marketing will be a consistent, creative, focused core area of our business strategies, with the new additions to the team.



Project Arata

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