Arata X Moonlight [Bubble Maps Listing]

Project Arata
2 min readNov 17, 2021


Arata — anime based crypto project listing on Bubble Maps to increase transparency and trust

We have just partnered with Moonlight . Basically, you can now see our honesty on a chart now.

Bubble Maps is an amazing tool powered Moonlight token on Binance Smart Chain.

Check them out at

The bubbles reveal connections between various wallets holding a particular token.

They shape a unique perspective of the tokens and establish end-to-end transparency between the development team and the community.

It provides live statistics about the token holding wallets and transactions happening on the blockchain.

Basically, if you check out Arata’s Bubble Maps — you will find that Arata is a safe investment because there are no leaking wallets or an no dubious transactions behind the scenes.

To further gain your trust — the team is doxxed/verified and KYC compliant with Hacken (Smart Contract Security Audit).

Check out the below sample showing how the wallets holding Arata are connected. Bubble Maps also offers the utility to verify the exact transactions over BSCScan explorer.

Arata Bubble Maps Chart (sample)

This move is in a bid to:

  1. further build credibility;
  2. ensure transparency;

We assure our community members, supporters and investors that we are here to provide the best experience to crypto investors, anime fans and blockchain gamers.

Community support is vital for our upcoming Watch2Earn anime streaming platform and Play2Earn games. We do everything possible to keep our Arata community clean and safe for all.

FYI — If you hold Moonlight tokens then you can check out Bubble Maps for any token deployed over Binance Smart Chain.

Arata token will be listed on Bubble Maps by Moonlight — date of listing to be announced soon.

Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter for recent updates —



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