Arata V2 Migration

Project Arata
1 min readDec 3, 2021


As we prepare the next phase ARATA V2.

You can now unstake your $Arata Tokens from the TOSDIS pool as we will be taking a snapshot 4pm UTC on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th.

If you have provided LP — tokens, then you will need to unpair them and keep your $Arata Tokens in your wallet.

The Migration will happen within 1 hour after the snapshot on SUNDAY 5th December, 2021.


Make sure you have your tokens in your wallet at the time of the snapshot.

The Token Swap will happen automatically on a 1–1 calculation.

Add the new Arata Token contract to your wallet:


The New Contract would have buy tax set at 5% and sell tax at 10%. The Tax is distributed between the liquidity pool and the rewards mining wallet.

Note: Staking and Farming will continue after the token migration on the Lightning Protocol platform. Details would be announced.

New Token Audited by Hacken IO



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