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4 min readNov 30, 2021

Hello Aratans!

In our quest to provide more value to our investors and community, we added that Arata would become a one-stop shop for blockchain gaming and NFTs as a focused, differentiated Blockchain Gaming and NFTs Incubator & Launchpad. It is important to continue to adapt and evolve within the direction and scope of our innovations.

We would keep to our initial innovations in building the very first blockchain gaming console and Anime streaming platform. We believe that the addition of a launchpad would provide more value for Arata and as well attract more investors and volume.

Arata is about focus, dedication and excellence. Let’s now share more details on the core evolutions that will take place in Arata feature set to deliver the best Blockchain Gaming and NFTs Launchpad experience.

For this we are focusing on a few key points;

On the technical side, making it run as a flagship product that can handle all sorts of stress. Our devs are working to make sure that we are ready for the launch of the Launchpad, Streaming platform and Game projects, and massive amount of users who want to participate in the next big blockchain gaming and NFTs IGNO.

On the UX side, it needs to have the smoothest user experience possible. From a visual standpoint, it needs to be very attractive and reveal itself that it was made for Blockchain Gaming and NFTs. We will be redesigning and rebranding. For this we have listened to feedbacks, and hired a new design team as well as created a list of new UX features that needs to be taken care of in the frontend side, backend side, and smart contract side.

Also it needs to come with features that create better financial outcomes. For this, we are working on features that elevate the financial results, such as locked staking system for IGNO allocations, seed staking integrated into the same feature, and the tier system.

The Updated Tier System

The next tier system of Arata proposes a 4 tier system that works according to the allocations in between the 4 tiers on a First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis.

Let us dive deeper into the new tier system so we can share the value propositions this new system provides, as well as what kind of changes it brings.

The lowest tier starts with 300 ARATA and increases to 1001 Arata, and further continues with new tiers for 1001–3000, 3001–7000, and 7000+ ARATA. Increasing your tier to the next one above, increases your Allocation for each IGNO, but also gives some more NFTs bonus.

Tier 1: 300–1000,

Allocations would be determined by the raise amount.

Tier 2: 1001–3000 with 1.5X Tier 1 allocation,

Tier 3: 3001–7000 with 2.5X Tier 1 allocation, and

Tier 4: 7000+ with 4X Tier 1 allocation.

It creates a system where going higher on tiers becomes completely beneficial, and creates a system where it gives a chance for more and more people to go higher on tiers, through successful IGNO results.

In this new tier system, there is also no lottery. Everyone gets a fair share on First Come First Serve (FCFS) . If someone wants to get more allocations from an IGNO, all they need to do is add more ARATA, this in turn gives NFTs bonus, however not so drastically that it creates an unfair distribution.

Also each person who increases their ARATA holdings, automatically increases the value of ARATA since ARATA is a token that is trading, so ultimately a person who gets more ARATA creates benefits for everyone else who is a holder.

While in 1st phase of each IGNO everyone will have a fixed allocation, in the second rounds everyone gets to enter the phase with 1.5x more allocations.

Private Sale

While for IDOs there are 4 tiers, for private sales the tiers start from 3rd Tier, so during private sales there can be higher allocation caps for the upper tiers as an extra incentive system.

Arata Investors Club

In order for VCs, angel investors, and high profile investors to participate in funding the blockchain gaming and NFTs projects that we incubate and launch, Arata provides a Private club tier “Investor Club”. To be part of the Investors club, you must hold a minimum of 20k ARATA. This minimum requirement is subject to change as the value of Arata increases.

The Investor Club opportunities will come with extended lock periods and discounts to recuperate such locks, standard to seed rounds.

This current system is created not only to bring more incentives as you go up the tiers, but also to unlock more opportunities for Arata to unleash more successful blockchain gaming projects with more funding, which will in turn benefit everyone holding ARATA; in part through the allocations, and in another part through the rare NFTs that get distributed from projects in addition to the exclusive seed, private sale, and IGNO opportunities.



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